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  1. Yezz revealed prototypes of several modules at MWC 2015
  2. When will Project Ara smartphone be released and how much will it cost?
  3. Do anyone know about the positive and negative aspects in developing a module?
  4. Why Google named the modular smartphone as "ARA"?
  5. Modules communication
  6. Can we swap the modules easily?
  7. OS
  8. Help Project Ara questionnaire
  9. Google Project Ara
  10. Which Android version
  11. More than a smartphone
  12. Can we able to add multiple processor?
  13. Size of different modules
  14. What about the performance of ara phones?
  15. Will Project Ara receive regular android updates?
  16. Release date of project ara?
  17. What are the constraint of the hardware?
  18. Can we add multiple batteries?
  19. Is it possible to customize the module visually?
  20. Will Ara be compatible with different OS?
  21. Maket Pilot
  22. Ara Logo
  23. What is the size of Ara phone?
  24. How does the Ara phone work?
  25. What if someone stole the modules?
  26. Doubts about ARA
  27. ISP and camera module
  28. What will your ARA look like?
  29. Project Ara in 2016?
  30. Want a look inside ARA and other Google ATAP?
  31. Project Ara benchmark results are in GFXBench
  32. Project ARA design patents published by U.S
  33. Google I/O 2016
  34. GitHub shows Ara's daily progress
  35. ATAP added at the Google I/O 2016
  36. Great news: Ara will be shipped to developers this fall
  37. Full Modular concept lost with the new ARA edition
  38. Any front modules on ara?
  39. Old ARA vs New ARA
  40. about the ara
  41. Do you think Google need to give up the headphone jack
  42. Why Google cancelled the ara?
  43. Is Facebook secretly building a modular phone?
  44. Ara's Roller Coaster Ride
  45. Why Google Canceled Project ARA, What's Next And Tribute To Ara
  46. Why have Modular Smartphones Failed?
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