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    by Published on 02-03-2015 06:01 AM
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    Apart from modular phones other customizable devices are actively being designed at present time. One of them is a modular smartwatch by the company Blocks Wearables.

    The concept of Blocks smartwatch is the same as Project Ara’s. Users can customize their smartwatches with interchangeable parts. Those parts are reportedly to be called ‘blocks’, speaking of the smartwatch (remember that modular smartphone interchangeable parts are called ‘modules’). But the difference is not only in names, but approaches as well. The concept of the modular phone suggests that the modules are attached to the metal plate, called ‘base’. But in the case of the modular smartwatch the blocks are the components of the strap. The heart of Block is the watch dial, a specific module contains the screen and main hardware components. But such modules as the fingerprint sensor, extra battery, health sensor, NFC chip for contactless payments, flashlight, kinetic charging, SIM port, etc. could be used to assemble the strap. ...