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Thread: Blocks questions and answers on Reddit

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    Blocks questions and answers on Reddit

    Here is the link to Blocks AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit:

    Among the most interesting information revealed:

    - The Blocks smartwatch on average lasts 36 hours+, the battery modules give you 20% extra. So depending on your wrist size you could wear 3 - 5 + battery modules on your wrist.

    - Core module is 11mm thick and peripheral modules are 6mm thick.

    - Blocks designers are using a metallic pin design for mechanical connection which had been used in classic watches for many years. Electric contacts are made via flex PCBs with multiple contacts that are inserted from one module to another (an overmolded 'tongue'). The contacts are insulated in a number of ways, such as hydrophobic coating and rubber seal to prevent water and other liquids for coming into contact with the pads.

    - BLOCKS hosts a 410mAh battery, similar to most other smartwatches today, which gives it a comparable battery life. However it is important to note that in smartwatches and smartphones alike, battery life is often dependent on the software efficient processes, just as much as it does on hardware.

    - To further reduce battery usage, BLOCKS uses a set of ultra low powered microcontrollers (ARM Cortex M0+ at 32MHz) inside each module to further reduce the load on the main SoC (power hungry 1.7 GHz ARM Cortex A7 processor). Ultra low power MCUs in each module run really basic queries on sensors such as GPS, Heart Rate Monitor (aka photodiode with a couple of LEDs), Barometric sensor module, etc. That in itself saves a lot of battery life.

    - Users will be able to upgrade the Core in the future, whilst keeping other modules in tact. As with any technology, the Core will also need to be upgraded with time as better SoCs will be available. Such is the case for Project Ara also.

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    Interesting information. Great work by the Blocks team.

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