Hi everybody!

My name is Alex. I'm developing two websites dedicated to Project Ara and other modular phones and devices. I have friends helping me in my efforts.

- First website is a magazine with news, reviews, tutorials, FAQ and other interesting and useful information: http://www.ModularPhonesforum.com

- Second website is a discussion forum for users and developers: http://www.ModularForums.com

You can find regularly updated news at ModularPhonesForum.com and discuss it here, at ModularForums.com.

You are welcome to participate in discussion, share your ideas, interact with other members of our community.

You're welcome to submit interesting articles to publish them in our magazine as well. Contact me through contact form http://www.modularphonesforum.com/contact/ or send me private message at this forum.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or to provide advices on how to make this community better!