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Thread: Moduware, the beginning of modularity

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    Moduware, the beginning of modularity

    What is Moduware?

    Moduware is a platform that lets you customize phone cases and battery packs with a range of smart devices, called Modules. Here's how it works.

    Smart modules

    Each module unlocks new capabilities, such as sensor (temp, humidity and more) or upgrades, like our battery, speaker or USB memory.

    Moduware app

    Navigate our user friendly app with ease as modules appear and disappear from the screen in real time as you plug them in or out.

    Extra power

    With up to 20 hours of charge for your smartphone, we are making power anxiety a thing of the past.

    Cross platform

    Moduware provides a single standard that guarantees cross-platform compatibility between iOS and Android.



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    A true platform for developers

    Moduware lets software and hardware makers create innovative new modules and software tiles, powered by our open platform. Our developer hub allows collaboration between developers and groups creating and endless array of opportunities.

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    Modules are very innovative and attractive.

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