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Thread: Olloclip's Core Lens Set

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    Olloclip's Core Lens Set

    The all-new Core Lens Set delivers unmatched image quality, user experience and versatility with new improved optics! Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro 15x lenses are combined to offer a diverse range of options for capturing what you want, when you want. Shoot, edit and share unique perspectives instantly and easily.

    Introducing the CONNECT™ interchangeable lens system.






    Exclusively for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Our new advanced lens system maintains all the best features of its award-winning predecessor and is now equipped to quickly configure with other iPhone 7 Connect™ lenses. For the first time, there is a lens system that can be instantly adapted to your environment.

    Want to double down on the iPhone 7 Plus telephoto camera? Our Connect™ system can do it.

    olloclip is committed to an obsession of continually enhancing the photography experience while giving full respect to mobility. That means no oversized, heavy lenses and paying strict attention to delivering beautiful photography in the smallest, simplest, quickest and most versatile user experience ever created.


    • New improved optics! Premium multi-element coated glass optics deliver superior image quality
    • Easy-to-use, patented system attaches and aligns instantly with no extra parts needed
    • Selfie-ready to work seamlessly on both front and rear-facing cameras
    • Connect™ interchangeable lens system for creating the perfect set to match your adventure
    • Hinged base keeps the lens flush with the camera for improved optical performance
    • Screen protector friendly up to 0.5mm
    • Wearable Pendant Stand keeps the lens accessible and opens to create a pocket-sized tripod
    • Works with all camera apps and is even great for video, time-lapse, panoramas and 360° VR photos

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    Great lens set from olloclip.

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    Stoked about the new lens lineup!

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    I liked the idea of Connect interchangeable lens system

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    That's definitely a diverse range of options for capturing what you want and when you want.

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    High quality lens set for sure.

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    Takes your photography to the next level

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    Awesome case for iPhone. I really like it a lot.

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    I love the genius in the design and ease of use.

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    The macro lens is amazing. I've been taking videos/photos of tiny bugs, flower heads etc, and the results are awesome.

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