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Thread: Photos and videos of Blocks modular smartwatch

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    Photos and videos of Blocks modular smartwatch

    Blocks - Kickstarter campaign



    Blocks for James Bond (funny)


    Blocks for Sheldon (funny)

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    Excellent innovation. No wonder Blocks had a huge success in crowdfunding campaign.

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    Last picture is funny. I still remember this scene from big bang theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherlyn View Post
    Last picture is funny. I still remember this scene from big bang theory.
    Jim parsons would be more interested in the star trek communicator module.

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    Blocks for Sheldon (funny)


    That's all the blocks sheldon needs.

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    Blocks official Teaser

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    Sad that pebble time went away. It's was less chunky and had a colour e-ink screen.

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    Did they started shipping the product?

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    No they still didn't started it yet.

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    The BLOCKS Core is fully featured smartwatch, fitted with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity so that you can access essential apps, notifications and texts straight from your wrist. The Core is also fitted with movement sensors to track your daily activity and a microphone and speaker so that you can also manage calls hands free.

    You can add even more functionality to your device by picking from a range of modules to form a customised smart strap.

    Engineered to empower, BLOCKS is the ultimate sidekick.

    The BLOCKS core is fitted with a crisp 1.39” 400x400 resolution AMOLED display, a powerful 1.39Ghz chipset and a 350mAh battery that provides up to 60hrs of use, all packed into a single-piece stainless steel case.

    WiFi + BLE • iOS + Android • Audio headset

    Calendar management • Personal assistant

    Smartphone music • Notification sync

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