Where you live can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, your wallet and your health. Some factors youíll need to consider when choosing an area to stay in Ho Chi Minh are:

Rent: Everybody wants to live in the city core, but itís not always affordable. Youíll have to look for a balance between convenience and affordability.
Transport: You buy a motorbike for commuting (dangerous to drive on busy HCMC streets), or rely on Grab bike or Grabtaxi (50 cent for 2km driving). Itís very worthwhile to pay more to live within walking distance to decrease travelling time.
Location of workplace: Pick an area that enables you to commute as quickly and as conveniently to your workplace as possible.
Schools: If your kids will be moving to Ho Chi Minh with you, the location of international schools might influence your choice.

Amenities: Look out for neighbourhood amenities such as public swimming pools, libraries, shopping malls and supermarkets.

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