Hi to all,

We want to announce new Motorola Moto mod we are working on, Solar Z sun-powered charger with battery.
Simply leave Mod in the sun and snap it to the phone when you need additional power and it will be transferred to the phone battery. Charge your phone without cables.


Time and knowledge have been invested in design and development and now we need your help to finish this product. We are about to start crowdfunding campaign, please follow us at:


Solar Z has a simple design and easy to use approach. It has no movable parts, one button only, however, electronic design is latest with high-level integration components.

What We Need & What You Get

Assembly contains 5 parts:

  • plastic enclosure with integrated solar cell
  • battery
  • thermal insulation material
  • PCB assembly
  • back-side sticker label

Most of the funding goes to cover tooling cost for a plastic enclosure that carries the solar cell. Ones we have the tool produced then plastic enclosure part is really cheap for future production. Battery, thermal insulation material, and solar cells are available and ready for purchase so there is no challenge. PCB is a very high cost on low volume and most significant change will make high volume order. Also, I have the plan to redesign PCB to make is easier for production and to integrate metal cover shields before certification of the product.

Solar Z as San Francisco hackathon winner is automatically finalist Transform the Smartphone Challenge invited to pitch an idea at Moto headquarters in March 2017. If the campaign does not reach the entire goal I hope that Lenovo, Verizon, and their partners will recognize potential in this idea and invest to make the product and bring it to the market. For that reason, it is important that you back this project regardless how much is collected so far.

You Can Help Without Money

Share, share, share to the world that smartphone can be always on the run and never hook to the cable or be sitting on the dock to be charged. Solar Z makes you forget cables.
I hope that in less than one decade all we will afford houses with solar panels instead roofs and cars on battery. Now, we can afford Solar Z.