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Thread: Understanding Power Saving

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    Understanding Power Saving


    The best way to save power is most probably shutting down the PC when not in use.

    But problem is if someone feels like returning to the keyboard every 30-45 mins it becomes really troublesome.

    I dont know if its true but I have read that the life of a PC (also) depends on the number of boot cycles.

    So what is the best way to save power ? Frankly this the first time I am concerned the subject. Our electricity bill is increasing every month and my family is pointing fingers at me ; )

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    When you know you will not be using the computer for a longer period of time you can shut it off completely. As you wrote this is the best way to save energy.
    But, when you want/have to do something on the computer every 30-45 minutes I would suggest to configure the power settings which can shutdown the hard disk(s), put the monitor in standby mode and put the computer into sleep so the energy consumption will be very little for the in-between-time. Monitor can be switched off manually as well of course, saving even more energy.
    This article seems to be useful as well:

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